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We are passionate about beauty and strive to deliver the best possible service and highest efficiency for our customers. As an importer and distributor of some of the most famous cosmetic brands, Atramexco Ltd covers an important market share in the respected field.

The population of the DRC and the surrounding region is more and more exposed to information for global trends and brands thus forming a growing need for a more diverse choice for cosmetics and other personal care products.

We are following these trends and have established partnerships with international companies, such as Olivia Garden and Make-Up Eraser, as well as professional hair care producers: Keratherapy and Global Keratin.

With their global recognition and unquestionable quality, our brands have found their faithful fans amongst the most demanding Congolese consumers. For the past year we have managed to achieve great market shares for our partners due to the extensive distribution and the successful collaboration with the local customers.

Keratherapy and Global Keratin are the brands that stand for high performing products for beauty industry professionals. African citizens have become really choosy when it comes about their hair. This opened a great opportunity for our company to find a solution to that need. The close relations we had with local hair-dressing salons helped us establish a network that exclusively offers Keratherapy and Global Keratin. Now we supply a big part of the A-class and B-class hair-dressing salons in the main cities in the DRC and plan to expand further.