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Corporate Values

Atramexco Ltd is constantly aiming at increasing its market share in both consumer products and medical equipment through a qualitative growth. Our team knows that growth can’t be achieved with mediocre products. This is the main reason why we focus on offering high-quality products at reasonable prices.

In order to ensure that those products are arriving at our customers without delays, we are continuously optimizing our supply chain operations through central management, efficient structures, and standard processes.

We live in a dynamically changing environment and quick response to local customers’ needs by providing innovative and appealing products is key to success.

The access to information expands the awareness of globally recognized brands and opens opportunities for achieving quite good results in terms of growth.
What is the company without its employees? We value our workforce and invest in increasing its performance by regular trainings and team-building events.
Thus we are trying to nurture unique corporate culture of team spirit and professionalism.